Saturday, July 25, 2009

Baby girl LOVES her daddy!!

Oh the joys of being a new parent! Yesterday we ran to the snow cone shack to get a snow cone, too bad they were closed due to the utah holiday! When we got home I ran to the store and left Oaklie with Thor. While i was away Oaklie pooped every were!! she pooped so much she pooped onto every piece of padding on the car seat, through 2 blankets and all over herself!! It took Thor 30 mins to clean it all up!!
Then.... Later that night, Thor had finished feeding her and we had bathed her and was getting ready to put her in bed when.... blah! Oaklie puked ALL over herself and Thor!!! it went all over our bed and we had to re-wash baby, change her clothes and change the sheets!
After her second bath Thor went to change her diaper and as soon as we took it off she peed all over herself and her bed!!! so we had to wash her body again! blahaha!!
Baby girl had a rough night....but at least she waited till daddy got home!! Whose mommys best friend! haha!!!

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Ryan and Jen Kunz said...

She is gorgeous Natalie!! Im so happy for you guys! She is precious!