Sunday, July 5, 2009

baby shower!

So I have so many great friends who threw me some FABULOUS baby showers!!! My first shower was thrown in Boise Idaho by my old co workers (who i miss boo)! Then my aunt Julie threw me a shower with my dads side of the family. My in laws threw me a shower and my best girlfriends in utah threw a shower! My baby is loved and spoiled now! Thor and i have been so blessed because we have not bought our baby anything and we have everything we need to have a baby!! Thank you to everyone!! Now i just have a BILLION thank you notes to write! i figured i might be in the hospital for a couple of days so i will get started then!!! Here are some photos of some of the showers!!

Alexis and Me Missy and Me
Tryin to guess what candy bar is in the diaper! YUM!! Its a baby stroller!!! These are sandwhiches shaped like diapers!

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