Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hosptial!! Round 1!!!

On July 1 2009 Thor and I checked into the St. Marks hospital to get induced! we checked in at 9 pm and started with a medication called cervidel to help start the process. The cervidel put my body into labor overdrive! My body was trying too hard to have a baby. Then the next morning as the nurse was checking me, she was rough with her exam and due to that my body contracted so hard on the baby it dropped her heart rate to 70!! (babies hear rates are usually up around 140-160). So they immediately gave me a shot to stop the contractions. The babies heart rate quickly went back up to normal. Oaklie was just fine! Then we had to wait 1 hour to start the patosum (which is the medicaiton they give to help you dialate and start labor) to give my body a moment of rest. We started the patosum around 1 pm and by 8 pm i had only dialated to a 2! My dr. recomended sending us home and having us come back!!! who knew an induction could fail! so we went home thursday night after being in the hospital for 2 days and not eating for over 24 hours and being put into labor twice! NO BABY!!! yup i'm still pregnant! So we go back to the hospital this tuesday the 7th of july for round 2! we will try different medication this time and if she dosent come naturally our dr. is going to do a c section on wednesday so i will for sure have a baby this time!! wish us luck!!
here are some pictures of what it looks like to go into the hospital to have a baby..... and then NOT having a baby!! boooo!!!

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Jon and Bre said...

ha oh my gosh Natalie you are huge!!!! but still very cute! =) good luck again!! I didn't know you were doing it at st.marks! we are literally across the street!! So if you need a breather and want to come over just give me a call!! 8018099424