Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July 2009!

Since we didn't have a baby this weekend, i spent the 4th of july with my brother and sister and her dog Tucker!! Thor decided to work on the 4th to make up for the time he missed at work with us not having a baby that way he can take time off when we actually do have a baby! We went to a BBQ at our uncle Toms house and ate lots of good food! Then they played volleyball water balloon! After the BBQ Thor and I met up with some friends and went to Sandy city to watch the fireworks and ate cold stone! mmmm not a bad way to enjoy a spectacular holiday! Then we went back to our friends house and ate some gaucamoli dip and grilled up some hot dogs!!! Food, Friends, Fireworks and Freedoom! what a great country and what a great life!!!

Jennifer, Tucker and Me

Jennifer and Tucker
The family playing water balloon volleyball!
William and Tucker


Patterson's said...

I hope you plan on keeping your blog up like this. It is so nice to read about since I can't be there to see you. You are HUGE!! Just kidding. Hope everything goes good this week.

Marley said...

You poor thing!!! Oaklie just isn't ready to meet the world it sounds like!! Well at least we'll have a baby on Wednesday for sure! hopefully she will just come naturally and you wont have to go thru a c-section. Anyways, love you lots!

Jacey said...

you're probably in the hospital right now trying to have Oaklie, but just wanted to say good luck- I'm off the girls camp tomorrow morning so I hope to see lots of pictures posted by the time I gte back on Saturday!!!