Friday, November 4, 2011

Potty Training!!!

Diapers are so stinkin expensive!! I am down to one diaper and have decided I'M NOT BUYING ANYMORE!! lol.... heres why:
Wednesday Oaklie and I were playing around with the idea of potty training. I kept her diaper off for one hour, and constantly had her excited to sit on the potty every 10 mins. Eventually she had to go pee. She walked around the house with her legs semi crossed and I would enthusiastically tell her to come sit and pee on the potty. She would get excited and sit but no business was done. Finally she grabbed a diaper, laid on the floor, held the diaper in the air and said "pease mommy diaper". It was clear she knew she had to pee and was holding it in. I kept trying to encourage her to pee on the toilet, I even laid the diaper on the toilet seat and sat her on it. She eventually gave up and pee'd on the floor! hahaha. Later that day Zavier came home from Logan with his parents carpet shampooer. The next morning I realized I was limited on diapers and decided the fates were with me and it is time to potty train!!!!
I made a sticker chart, got a baby doll that pee's, we have candy from Halloween, potty chair, and big girl underwear! I have plans to stay home for all of Saturday and Sunday and try to conquer this task! haha (we also got pull ups for bed time and naps) Keep your fingers crossed and hope we only have to shampoo the carpet (and probably the couch) only once!!!

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