Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

This Halloween was a busy one! Friday we went treating at ebay, where Jennifer works. Ebay has 5 buildings! We were lucky and were able to go trick or treating in a total of 4 buildings where there were a lot of people dressed up and candy at almost every desk! Then after Jennifer treated us all to dinner at Johnny Carinos! MMMM. Saturday morning we went to boo at the zoo with friends. We saw all sorts of animals, tigers, monkeys and elephants! The zoo had a lot of candy booths, however the animals were way more exciting to see instead of waiting inline, what felt like 10 mins with little kids, for a tootsie roll. After nap we went to a friends kid Halloween party and played games, jumped on the trampoline, had an awesome dance party, and ate LOTS of treats! Lets just say after this party Oaklie was ready to sleep through the whole next day! We had a blast! Sunday Oaklie went with Zavier to Logan for a Rogers Halloween festival where they carved pumpkins, while Thor and I were able to slip out for beer and dessert at Squatters. Monday, Thor, Oaklie myself and our neighbors went trick or treating!! Oaklie hasn't yet figured out the concept of Halloween and I think may be very confused that we urged her to accept candy from strangers but i'm sure she'll figure it out soon! I think I am candied out for the rest of the week if not for the rest of November! lol... however, well see how my candy craving is feeling by morning! :)
Here are some pics of Oaklie! She was a garden gnome but refused to wear her hat! haha oh well next year she will be picking out her own costume and fighting us on something more exciting!
Happy Halloween!

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