Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Here we Go

I am really good at blogging for like 2 weeks then its like i fall off the face of the planet. However here is your 2min recap:
Thor: Just got another promotion at work! He is now the manager over 3 labs for the technicians! We Love it because now his work schedule is Monday-Friday. He is also going to go back to school this summer! His work said they wanted him to continue his education with the promotion. He is still working at Hoppers, but only on Sundays now. So we have Saturday as a family day! So proud of Thor!! He picks up Oaklie from our tenders (aka good friends) and is able to have some good daddy daughter time with her before I get home.
Natalie: Still working the Dental office which I love. We are planning to move locations here within the next year to a newer building. The office we have our eyes on is just at the next street light!! (keeping our fingers crossed)
Oaklie: Where to start with her..... she now calls herself "baby princess". She will look in the mirror and say "hi princess baby. princess baby pretty today" haha We are potty trained! took 2.5 days and only 3 accidents!! so proud! She is even in a big girl bed due to a chunky leg getting stuck in the beam and daddy ripping the crib apart accident. -plenty more to come about oaklie-.
Lets make this post sweet and simple!
xo -Natt

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