Tuesday, April 5, 2011


We were out to dinner the other night and I started to count with Oaklie. I said "one" she immediately said "two" then I continued to count "3, 4, 5, yeah now lets count in spanish.... uno" Oaklie said "dos" I continued "tres, quatro" and oaklie exclaimed "cinco!" I was shocked she knew more numbers in spanish then english. So I wanted to try again just to make sure it was not just random, I said "okay lets count again" and oaklie replied "uno" I said "good job, dos, tres" she replied "quatro" and i finished at "cinco"!!!!
So i dont speak any spanish, i only know a couple of words or so. Who ever said TV rots the brain out apparently never watched Dora or Diego! Thank you Nick Jr. my child can officially count to 5 in spanish and only say "two" in english! hahaha
On another note, its funny how a simple word like "turtle" or "cow" is just a word but as soon as a 2yr old says "turtle" or "cow" "mooo" its all of a sudden become the most amazing and exciting word in the world to hear and I instantly become so proud of my baby to say a word I took for granted! I dont think I will ever look at an animal the same with out remembering the first time Oaklie said it! moments that can never be replaced.... okay until maybe she starts saying cuss words! hahaha

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