Thursday, June 2, 2011

Month of May!!

May has been a busy month of us! Thor finished yet another semester at school with all A's! Natalie's work/aka buisnes is still growing at rapid pace. Oaklie, is busy playing copy cat and being cute! Some of her recent sentences consist of "i stuck", "stop it pease", and "i poopie" hahaha we have been getting new teeth but i swear they decided to come in at different times, it would much more appreciated if they all decided to come in at the same time! haha

Mothers day was in May and Thor surprised me with a new digital camera!!! I need to start uploading all sorts of photos! We also went to the zoo on mothers day! They have brought in these large dinosaur models that move and make noises. Oaklie was not very fond of them! She loooved the "nokeys" (monkeys) hahaha! We will definitely be going back to the zoo this summer.

Thors work had a lagoon day!! We went in the morning and rode a couple of rides with oaklie, again she was not very fond of them. After lunch we took Oaklie home and Zavier watched her during nap time and me and Thor were able to go back and ride adult rides! We felt like we were 16 again! it was so much fun!

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