Thursday, March 31, 2011

Its been Awhile!!!

well hello!!! Its been a loong time since i've written on here! i'm going to try make it a goal to write weekly!! I will try to make it a quick re-cap on what we have been up to the last year!
thor is still working at ARUP and loving it! it is such a wonderful company to work with. he has currently changed his hours and now works at 5 am monday through Friday! Thor is still going to school full time! he recently graduated from salt lake community college with an HONORS associate! I am so proud of him for working, going to school, and raising a baby while being a great husband! He is getting ready to transfer up to the University of Utah and apply for the Medical Technician program! Thor goes to school around the clock even takes classes through the summer! Not sure what his plans are after he completes the MedTech program, maybe going on to Pathology, maybe a doctor degree or PA. well see!
Oaklie has grown so much! she finally got teeth! haha she now has 4 upper front and 4 lower front. and 3.5 molars! Since i last wrote she is walking and talking! She even speaks spanish! (thanks to dora the explorer and diego!) If i ask her in english to say "open" she responds with saying "abri (abra)" she will even walk to a door and knock on it and say "abri, abri peaze". If i ask to say "i love you" she says "te amo"! hahaha what a smarty pants! She is now 20 months old! She loves to color, loves milk and is very good at saying "peaze" and "thanks". She also loves doggies!! She knows almost all of her animal noises! Her favorite ones to make are the elephants and snakes! She goes down the slide all by herself at the park and refuses to sit in her big girl chair at dinner. She likes to stand in a real chair and eat. One of my favorite things is when were driving she says "mom, mommy, mom" i respond "what baby" she says "i stuck." i have to remind her that i put here there and she will stay stuck until we get out of the car hahaha! She has attempted to potty train, she showed intrest in it for awhile then stopped so we stopped! probably because she told me she had to go potty and i ignored her and put her on my lap, she immediately pee'd on me! haha. I can write so much on this wonderful baby but will have to do so in another blog!
as of for me I have been very busy with being a mom! Also, I work at a great dental office still as an office manager. I never knew how exciting it was to grow a business and stressful all at the same time. I was nominated for office manager of the year for 2011 and was flown to Vegas for an award ceremony held by AADOM. Unfortunately i didn't win but to be nominated was amazing. I also was picked top 6 for a scholarship from patterson dental. I still work at hoppers on the weekends serving!
As a family- We bought a brand new house in south salt lake! Its in a gated community with 3bd and 2.5 bath! we absolutely love it! were getting ready to paint it. for oaklie's room i'm thinking plum!!
Well enough talk i will add more pictures soon and write in more detail on what we have been up too!!! Feels good to be back!!

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Jon and Bre said...

I didn't know Thor worked for ARUP. Does he possibly know a Jonathan Schumacher?