Friday, May 1, 2009


We FINALLY have insurance!! and yes it covers baby!!! its actually amazing insurance! they cover maternity under regular illness so our deductable is........ $200!!! thats it!! amazing huh?? I just havent found a baby dr. here in utah yet! i'm due in two months and i need to find one soon! haha!! here are ALOT of pictures!!! with new insurance i feel we will get another ultra sound!

We are living with thors grandparents in there gorgoues house! they asked us to house sit while they go on there mission to tiland.... and there calling just came in the mail yesterday!!! but... they are in moab for the week and we wont know when they leave until they come home monday and open it! :(

xoxo -baby mama!

the fabulous crib my sister bought me! it turns into 4 different beds!

Oaklies feet!

Look at that gorgoues little girl!!

Oaklie waving to us!! hey girlfriend!

Front picture of Oaklies face! if you look at it closely it is the exact shape of THORS face! look at that chin!

oaklie at 8 weeks old! our peanut

Oaklies foot again!

6 months pregnant

6 months

6 months and growing

4 months i think??

4 months again!

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