Friday, April 3, 2009

Big Changes

Hello! lots of new and exciting things have been happening!!! we moved to Salt Lake, we left behind all of our great friends like my best friend Megan :( and wendy and shannon! i miss my old job!!! I'm working at a new dental office and Hoppers and Thor is working (not sure what he does but he loves it).

Were having a baby! i know right! its a girl and were naming her Oaklie (oak-leigh) and she is due july 10-18th... we'll see when the little stinker comes out! thor is so excited to have a baby girl, he is totally gonna spoil her!

Its been snowing alot here in SLC and i absolutley hate it! i'm ready for summer!!! "if april showers bring mayflowers what do mayflowers bring"?????........."PILGRAMS!" blahahaha!

well i will update more later!! xoxoxo

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