Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oaklies COMING!!!

To update you..... i have a pregnancy rash called "PUPPS". its not contagious. its like morning sickenss, not all pregnant women get it. i think my dr. said 1 out of 800 women get it and i am so lucky i got it! It itches 24/7 and looks horrible! Its getting so bad i'm not sleeping at night and i'm looseing my sanity, sleep, and appitatie!
So we went to the Dr. on Monday and she said due to my "servere" rash she wants to deliver! Tomorrow we are going to have an amniocitis test (which is were they take fluid from the uterus and test it for a protien) The protien will tell us if Oaklies lungs are done developing. If her lungs are ready my Dr. is going to induce us SATRUDAY!!!!! I cant wait!! they think she weights 7 pounds and i have NO room in my stomach for her anymore!! blahaha!
So wish us luck with the test tomorrow! I CANT WAIT!!
excited to be mommy!!

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