Friday, October 17, 2008

Food, Friends, Family.

Thor and I went to cheesecake factory for our very first time. the food was pretty good but definetly over priced. however we went at lunch time and found the prices were much better! there cheese cake and desserts are delicious though..... so pretty sure we will be back!

Thor started his new job monday and he LOVES it! he said his boss is just like him. he claimed he didn't have enough jeans for work so of course we went shopping to get him some new clothes. he was very excited lol.

We hung out with our friends natalie and jeremi. They are about to have a baby. this is the first pregnant person i have ever been around. i have never been around prego people before or babies so its kinda very exciting! in no way does it make me want to have a baby though thats for sure! abcenese is key lol.

Halloween is such a fun holiday! but i wish i were in utah to celebrate it with all my girlfriends and with my bestie madison whose birthday is coming up too! but thor bought me a pumpkin so we can carve pumpkins! were planing on going to a corn maze and haunted house this year i'm so stinkin excited!

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Marley said...

Oh man.. gotta love the family drama!! LoL! That lady cracks me up!!!! hahahaha!!! dumb! I wish you could come down for halloween too!!! :( But we'll send you many picture messages!! hehe!!! Love you!