Sunday, December 20, 2009

Family Update

These last few months have been crazy! Time for a quick 5 min family recap!

Thor- Thor just got a raise at his job as a tech 2!! way to go! He is still working 40+ hours a week at the lab which he is loving! Its always nice to have a job you enjoy as much as he does his job! He works with really amazing people too so thats another bonus! The semester just ended and Thor passed all of his classes with either a B or A! He took 11 credit hours! Way to go! Next Semester starts the second week of January and he will be taking 14 credits!! Ouch!! I know he will do great! (because he has a great wife to help support him and cook him meals and do laundry! tehehe JK)

Natalie- I've been busy working 3-4 days a week at the dental office. We just went digitial and so we are in the process of going ALL paperless! Its amazing, but I have to spend alot of my day scanning papper work into the computer and having people fill out the new papper work! I have been asked to come be a Q and A guest speaker type thing for Arestin (a dental product) at a dinner! I will be talking to dentist about how our office uses the Arestin RX!! its a huge honor but i am really nervous, more nervous about trying to find the perfect outfit! hehehe!! I am officially working at Hoppers again! I work 2 nights a week (either friday, saturday or sunday). My favorite days are wednesday when I get to stay home all day with baby girl and take naps!!

Oaklie- She is now 5 months old!!! She HATES peas and bananas!! she LA LA LOOVES apple sauce!!! She has discovered her toes and loves to suck on them! She can roll over from front to back and back to front like a pro! She has officially started crawling! She hasn't figured out the arm leg coordination so she lays her head on the ground and scootches with her feet! She goes in circles for hours! I turn around and she is gone! She has started sitting up on her own! She will only sleep on her tummy (which makes mommy nervous! I know she is doing it on purpose! lol). She loves to roll her R'sss! Kinda like a gurggled Grrr sound. Her best friend is the cute baby in the mirror they could play for hours. She has slept through the night for one week and then decided it wasnt for her and she prefers to wake up at 4 am and come snuggle in between mommy and daddy. Her favorite toy is a garrafi. She CAN put her binky in her mouth by herself, she is learning how to hold her bottle but she gets into eating that she rubbs her eyes with her hands! She still refuses to nap, we struggle with that one. Still a full time pooper (usually once a day but its as if she is saving it up for me i swear!). and last but not least she loves to touch mommy and daddys faces and pull on them! Its so funny to see her discover new things and want to eat everything that she can get her hands on!!!!

Life here is busy, but that seems to be the way we love it! We take photos with santa tomorrow!
Here is a picture of oaklies christmast present! She plays in one at her nannys so i had to get her one!

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