Friday, December 25, 2009


Christmas this year was fun! Thor has to work a major holiday every year so he choose to work Christmas this year so he would be home next year when Oaks is a year and a half old. So this Christmas I went to IHop with my brother and sister. We had alot of fun. I got Thor a ps3 and two video games, Oaklie got an excersauce and a baby einstein, I got a new hair straightener that came with a free stand and free mini travel one! I also got this peanut baby blanket for Oaklies car seat! I love it! Oaklie got croup and she has been miserably sick! Thor is now getting sick too so I have two sick babies at home. We also took Oaklie to meet Santa, she did so good she did not cry and we got a pretty good photo! Lots of photos!


Merry Christmas everyone! I just wanted to say I am so greatful for the life I have, and the wonderful people who surround it! I'm excited to end this chapter of my life and welcome 2010!! Feliz nuevo anos!!