Monday, August 24, 2009

baby einstein

We received a baby Einstein video from a friend of thors. a "lullaby time, soothing sounds for baby" video to be exact. For everyone who does not know what "baby Einstein" is, its a series of dvds to help stimulate ur baby with sounds, shapes and animals and such.
we'll... being the new parent that i am i thought i should pre-watch the movie before showing it to Oaklie. You know, making sure the animals arent' naked and saying inappropriate phrases, like when the dog says "wolf" instead of "bark". I found that phrase to be offly offensive. So as i'm watching the video i feel asleep! i guess the lullaby einstein video really does work and helps put your child, and you to sleep! I totally recomend it!!! haha thanks alex for the great gift!! :)

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