Saturday, November 14, 2009

Big week!

This last week was a very event full week for Oaklie. She has hit alot of "first" in her life!
She is a pro at rolling over.....
On Monday she rolled right off the bed when I turned my back for a second and bonked her head on her crib. (she is fine)
Tuesday- she started to crawl across the floor!
Wed.- as we were bathing her i dropped the shampoo bottle on her head and gave her her first boo boo.
Thursday- She peed her bed for the first time
Friday- She woke up with a fever of 100.9 and the Dr. said she looks fine and thinks she might be starting to teeth!
It was a very event full week!! Next week were going to start solid foods! Our Dr. said her poop is going to start changing weird colors. I asked if we should start taking pictures of her poop weekly every time we add a new food and make a scrap book. He asked me not to do that... lol. I think Oaklies boyfriends might really like it??!!!

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